From his debut album back in 2010 All I Want Is You, to 2012's Kaleidoscope Dream, like any great artist, Miguel has grown as a musician. All I Want Is You gave us an indication that he wasn't going to fit into the generic mould for an R&B artist - yet the album as a whole felt inconsistent and unsure of itself.

Kaleidoscope Dream, however, is a confident representation of his creative vision. It is no ordinary R&B album, instead, a collection of "funkadelic" tracks principally produced by Miguel himself.

This evolution in his musical creativity and independence is reflected in his style; in the initial stages of his time in the spot light, he made clumsy attempts at being high fashion. Even Miguel himself admitted: "I was a little idealistic. My ideal was high fashion but I don't think it was translating."

It seems as if Miguel's struggle to find himself as an artist in the studio echoed in his attempts at establishing himself as a fashion icon. Kaleidoscope Dream demonstrates his ability to remain relevant without having to conform to the typical trend of a male R&B artist. It's this knack for balancing innovation with the heart of the genre, in both fashion and music, which has become second nature to him.

In a recent video, VEVO accompanied Miguel on a shopping trip to his favourite boutique, Opening Ceremony, with his stylist Jasmin Benjamin. From this four minute video, his sheer passion resonates and shows just how important fashion is to him: ''Style is just another word for personality man, when it comes to aesthetics I believe it's all just an extension of what you believe in and what you stand for" and I guess this philosophy explains the odd moments in the spot light where his vision seems lost in translation and we sit back and think 'what were you thinking?'

Despite these rare occurrences, Miguel has branded himself as not only a necessary cog in the music industry - bringing R&B and soul back to life - but as a style icon with undeniable swag. With an eclectic merging of punk rock and vintage influences, matched with high fashion, classic tailoring and timeless statement pieces, Miguel is an example of fashion experimentation done right.