It's not often sport and film collide successfully. Wait - ok, that's definitely not true. Well, what about extreme sports and short videos? Hardly a recipe for success. Depends on whether you count all the Go Pro and Red Bull videos, not to mention the amazing amateur stuff. Yeah ok - that's a bad example too. Maybe it has all been done before.

But not like this:

What I love about this video is that it's clearly been conceived of cinematically. The quality of the shots - inventive, multiple camera set up and epic scale, combined with the sheer poetry of the human body in such fluid motion. Ok sure, there's not much narrative to speak of (aside from some kind of 'victory' denouement over the aeroplane graveyard...) but that's the point - there doesn't need to be one. This is a multi-national and cultural group of inspirational people doing what they love for the sake of it, with the supporting language and apparatus of film. Beautiful, and funnily enough, best enjoyed whilst sitting very comfortably.