Usually, when someone as young at 18 discusses the topic of love, it becomes a bit of an eyebrow raiser. "What does an 18-year-old really know about love?" is often the question that follows. With her latest release (only her second to date), classically trained vocalist and songwriter Jorja Smith is taking love but not necessarily her own. 'A King' features Irish soul man Maverick Sabre, and sees Smith talking frankly about love and relationships, but through the lessons she's learnt from other people and then comparing these relationships to fairy tales. It's a fascinating concept - produced by London-based SeeMore - that samples Henry Purcell's 'A Prince of Glorious Race Descended', which was originally written for the Duke of Gloucester's sixth birthday in 1695. Sabre provides a verse, speaking from the male perspective to offer a bit of even balance.

The accompanying video was created by Royal College of Art graduate Yao Xiang, who drew every single frame of the video by hand and took six months to create. "(Her work) is mad crazy," Jorja told Dazed. "But that's perfect for me, it's very abstract. I didn't say how I wanted it, I just played her the song and said 'This is what it's about, do your thing,' and she did!"

Following her first headline performance and a support slot for Bryson Tiller, Jorja will perform at this year's Wildlife Festival. 'A King' is set to be released on digital platforms shortly.