Kristian Matsson is the Swedish indie folk wonder performing under the name The Tallest Man on Earth. Last May, he released his critically acclaimed album The Dark Bird is Home, celebrated for its masterful songwriting and personal accounts of raw inward struggle, and now, Matsson has offered a look at the process of creating the project through a short film. Directed by Dan Huiting and Lauren Josephine, Short Film about the Dark Bird is Home showcases just how strongly the album looked towards offering meaningful music, while giving a glimpse of the beautiful backdrop that was integral to the album’s creation, with Matsson poetically narrating in both Swedish and English parts.

"Over the 2 years I spent shooting this documentary, 2 different summers in Sweden, and some time in Wisconsin, I was fortunate enough to be let into the world of an incredibly creative, and at times reclusive musician named Kristian Mattson," the director said. "I got to see his highs and lows, struggles and victories, and I got to witness all of those things being poured into this incredible album he has made. I even ended up playing bass on the last track, Dark Bird, which was totally random and a complete thrill for me. But best of all, I made a lifelong friend. Someone who I look up to and respect very much. I am so grateful to have been allowed access into his world and into the making of this album, and I am so very proud of the piece that has come out of it. I hope people enjoy watching this film, I'm very proud of it. It's one of the best things I feel like I have ever made."

This June, The Tallest Man on Earth will play his biggest European show to date, at London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall. Full show dates are below.

  • UK/EU tour dates:
  • 21/06/16 London, UK - Royal Albert Hall
  • 17/08/16 - 19/08/16 Hasselt, BE - Pukkelpop
  • 5/09/16 Helisinki, FN - Tavastia