New York-based filmmaker Aaron David DeFazio is a young pioneer of neo-film noir. His most recent project The Terrestrial Happenings of Winslow Hollowbody is a stylistic, highly-designed experience in the tradition of hard boiled American crime fiction. With a technique of equal parts Mickey Spillane, Cindy Sherman, and Bernd and Hilla Becher, DeFazio tells the story of Winslow Hollowbody, a private detective who must search the decaying detritus of the city for the last extraterrestrial. The film unfolds like a filmic slideshow utilizing photography, typography, and voice  over in an inventive way. DeFazio's greatest skill is re-appropriating the 20th century genre of film noir with a wholly 21st century approach. The Terrestrial Happenings of Winslow Hollowbody from Aaron David DeFazio on Vimeo. You can check out DeFazio's blog here: