The 405 went along to the opening night of The Thousands Art Exhibition on a windy East London street last night – The Village Underground in Shoreditch to be precise. Fresh-faced 18 year old RJ Rushmore of Vandalog put the whole shindig together – an in-depth interview you can read courtesy of The 405 here. A plethora of street artists work was on offer, including: Faile, WK Interact, Adam Neate, Swoon, Banksy, Know Hope, Herakut, Elbow-Toe, and many more talented fuckers on display. The goal of The Thousands was to attempt to show the art world and the public that there are great works of art within the sphere of "street art" and that street artists deserve a place in art history at least equal to that of The Young British Artists or the great pop artists; And hells yes, that was indeed achieved. An added bonus was the free, taste-bud-shattering Japanese Ale on offer. Sadly, we can’t remember the name – much was consumed. You have until this Sunday (22nd November ) to check it out, make sure that you do. Check out the EXCLUSIVE Images below from last nights show. Photos by Tim Boddy