So another year comes and another year goes. With the closing out of said year comes the inevitable string of EOTY lists and the ensuing dread of trying to figure out something to do on NYE that doesn't involve sweating in some basement club with a bunch of STI-ridden teenagers trying to take rides on each other or leave you snorting lines of overpriced baking soda off the scratched jewel case of Adele's festively timed album release. Maybe I'm getting old? I digress.

This year in music videos we saw Woody Harrelson as an ex-con in a U2 video, we saw Taylor Swift and a bunch of her bad b*tches (and Kendrick) have a bash at being X-men. Lest we not forget the gif-gold Drake blessed us with his Hotline Bling video. While all these were honourable mentions throughout the year, they failed to make the cut. Firstly, because you can see them all in the countless other EOTY music video lists. Secondly, no matter how much budget, cameos and pokéballs/pepperoni (Drake) you throw at a music video, the concept should always shine through.

10. Homeshake - 'Heat' (dir.Cole Kush)

If your name is 'Cole Kush', which this director's is, your most likely going to make some pretty awesome and weird videos. The computer generated promo which looks like it was made on a chipped PS3 and features some really strange... stuff. It's very hard to explain, you'll just have to watch it. It left me thinking about adolescence, growing up, parenthood and repeating the cycle. It's fairly open to interpretation but who the fuck knows - there's a seductively dancing CGI rat-man in it.

9. Childish Gambino - 'Sober' (dir. Hiro Murai)

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, is a divisory figure, but not in the cliché you either love him or you hate him way. For instance I hated his truly awful performance in this year's otherwise excellent Ridley Scott flick The Martian. However, he just nails it as a desperate dancing creeper in his promo for 'Sober'. There are two sides to every coin I guess, the good side and the dreadful shitty you almost ruined Ridley Scott's film side.

8. Carnage - 'I Like Tuh feat. ILoveMakonnen' (dir.Colin Tilley)

Who doesn't want to see a pair of twin redneck drug dealers in tracksuits get turnt up in trailer parks and ghettos? The amount of double-crossing in this video shows being a gangster ain't easy and when you work hard you gotta play hard. Best not to read too much into this one, just enjoy it. It's one helluva ride.

7. The Wonder Years - 'Cardinals' (dir. Kevin Slack)

It may not have anywhere near the budget, production value or gloss of other videos in this list but its brilliance is held in its simplicity. An infallible concept combined with a solid execution resulting in a music promo which taps into something very real that we can all relate to. A fear that if your loved ones needed you to perform beyond your physical boundaries that you would probably and most likely fail them.

6. Girl Band - 'Paul' (dir. Bob Gallagher)

Life is pretty shit. No one appreciates you. You work as a children's performer on some crappy TV show. Some old dude is boning your work crush. And your Dad looks like he wears more eyeliner than The Cure. What's left to do? Meltdown. And meltdown spectacularly.

5. De Staat - 'Witch Doctor' (dir. Studio Smack)

Torre Florim of De Staat takes centre stage in this promo, leading thousands of shirtless dudes who look like the vampires from I Am Legend in one mega circle pit. It's exhilarating to see them react to his whim in unison, apparently this video took over half a year to make. If you are super nerdy like me you can get an insight into the process in this behind the scenes video. I think it was worth every second of that half a year to make this, others may disagree but I got your mad props right here.

4. Sia - 'Elastic Heart' (dir. Daniel Askill & Sia)

It seems ages ago but yes, Sia's 'Elastic Heart' video was released this year, way back in January (according to YouTube). Despite 11 months of music promos beings released, it still remains one of this years' finest. The conceptual video communicates the fraught power struggle between Shia LeBeouf and Maddie Ziegler through abstract dance.

3. Florence & The Machine - 'Delilah' (dir. Vincent Haycock)

Director Vincent Haycock is responsible for some of the most progressive music videos of recent history and this list would not be complete without featuring his work. From his ongoing series with Florence & The Machine, frontwoman Florence Welch gives a truly incredible performance. Like the majority of Haycock's work, this is open to interpretation, though it seems to feature Welch as a promiscuous women learning to love herself and discovering whether she is responsible for her own impulses or whether she is controlled by them.

2. FKA Twigs - 'M3LL155X' (dir. FKA Twigs)

It's no secret that FKA Twigs is a visual powerhouse. You'd only need to watch her video for 'Papi Pacify', where her 'lover' inserts his fingers into her gaping mouth, or 'Water Me', where her eyes artificially bulge out of her head, to understand that. For her latest EP M3LL155X, the songstress released a 16-minute self-directed video. Between fashion icon Michèle Lamy dressed as an angelfish and twigs herself as a blow-up doll seemingly raped to deflation - the short is both engaging and yet disturbing.

1. The Shoes - 'Submarine feat. Blaine Harrison' (dir. Karim Huu Do)

For this video to have less than 40k views on YouTube is an absolute travesty because it is a masterful work of art. Director Karim Huu Do shows the disturbing breakdown of a relationship through cinematic visuals and conceptual VFX. There's a strong sense of conflicting duality that runs through the piece, both manic and depressive, exploring themes of attachment and dissociation. Visually, it reminds me of Terence Malick's Tree of Life (that's a good thing).