Sometimes when you listen to a great album, you just think, "fuck you, other music... I'm going to listen to this forever." So you listen to it on repeat for a long while and everywhere you can; on the tube, in the shower, on the bus, at work and at parties. Eventually, the initial excitement does wear off, (and/or you start going a little crazy) and the album turns into something else and your attentions shift elsewhere.

But when you're in the midst of that album - nothing is better. The Traditional Fools' self-titled effort is one of those albums. It is a true garage/surf-tinged rock'n'roll album'; the longest song is 3.03 minutes and comes 2 minutes longer than most of the other songs on the album.

The album is ordered as if the band were playing a live show. With the deeply rock'n'roll opener 'Davey Crockett,' the tempo and feedback volume increases throughout, becoming ever more chaotic and gritty by 'Shredstick' and 'Kill Someone You Hate' and just about starts to even out with 'Party At My House'. For a full taste of the band's live show, you would be wise to check out their album recording 'Live at Witch Mountain.'

The album shouldn't be overlooked for its immediacy and apparent simplicity - because that's pretty much the point.

The album was originally released in 2008 and now comes as re-release via In the Red Records, no doubt due to the prolific rise of the band's lead singer Ty Segall. The album is certainly a great find for anyone wading through his vast back catalogue, but it also comes as an excellent standalone album too.