Release Date: 02/03/09 Label: Manta Ray Link: Danger Danger! Call the fraud department because The Tunics are back with their latest indie, club NME style copycatery (Yes I said copycatery!). Not only does singer Joe Costello sound a bit like Luke Pritchard of Kooks fame, if he was abused as a child,  but the song at hand is called 'Shine On', which is the name of one of the Kooks' singles from last year. We could have a fight off for which song is better, or worse, but to be fair the Kooks win purely by the fact that they're slightly less annoying than The Tunics. As you might have guessed, it's indie paint by numbers to the highest degree. It's dull, the lyrics are quite appaling,  "For this is rock 'n' roll, I've got a rock 'n' roll soul" and it's completely uninspiring. So what exactly is shining on here? Rating: 4/10