So, The Twelves. The relatively unknown Brazilian duo that everyone in the know, knows. What a ridiculous sentence but probably the best way to put it. How does everyone know them? Well, for their remixes of M.I.A., La Roux, The Beatles and then for the numerous mixtapes they have released.

So, The Kitsuné Tabloid. A mix done for the French electronic record label, Kitsuné, previously compiled by Phoenix and Digitalism. For The Twelves, this is quite an honour to be asked to create the mix and they have certainly took it by the scruff of its neck.

Instead of creating what would probably be just over an hour of mix, they made 2. Logically, an A-side and B-side but to be honest it could just be one whole mix. Let’s talk about the A-side first.

French house music integrated with the sounds of 80’s synth and some additional samba vibes. With remix’s of Two Door Cinema Club and Black Strobe, which I fell in love with all help to make the perfect mix for any time. After reading an interview with The Twelves, this is what they wanted. “we made sure it was a compilation for all occasions rather than a record you turn up loud when you get ready to go out”.

The B-side on the compilation sticks with a similar feel, even featuring Tommy Seebach’s infamous hit 'Bubble Sex'. (You’ll know it). If anything, it feels even more fitting to soundtrack a persons busy city life.

The Twelves have shown here how to do a mix. By just keeping everything simple it’s easy listening and can work wherever you are in the world, at any time. Bem feito.