"As I said the album does feel slightly heavy and this may stem from the fact that there is actually only four tracks here ('Nil', 'Not Sleeping' and 'Alphabet' are all tackled twice and 'Sick' three times) so as impressive and varied as the mixes are, after a few listens you can find yourself wondering if an EP, with one or at most two versions of each song, would have sufficed. However this small gripe aside No One Can Never Know: The Remixes has definitely been a worthwhile experiment for both, band and the featured contributors." [Read Full Review]

That's what we thought of the new remix album from The Twilight Sad, but why don't you give it a spin below and let us know what you think? Best review (100 words max) sent in to comps@thefourohfive.com will win something from the 405 prize vault.

No One Can Ever Know – The Remixes is released on November 26th via FatCat Records.