Label: Fat Cat Records Release date: 27/09/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon There’s a distinct feeling surrounding the latest release from The Twilight Sad that The Wrong Car is destined to alienate some people. There might only be two songs worth of new material here but there is a definite shift in style from the offerings of their past two albums and that could be difficult for some of their long-established fans to adapt to. For while those albums were gloomy artefacts marked by cheerless tales of desperation and guttural groaning feedback that would make Sonic Youth proud, The Wrong Car is quite different altogether. There’s less similarity between this and last year’s album Forget The Night Ahead than you might expect. Production is the key factor. The studio albums from The Twilight Sad have always appeared somewhat restrained, their full potential hampered by decidedly lacklustre recording. The contrast with the 7 minute title track couldn’t be clearer. They seem more alive, without compromising the feedback and noise that has characterised their sound, building upon layers of noise to create one of their best songs yet. The last two tracks are remixes of songs from the previous album and Mogwai’s remix of previous single ‘The Room’ in particular, is masterful, turning a typically wistful and downbeat song into something almost uplifting, which is no mean transformation and it’s surprising how well this works. The unlikely coupling of James Graham’s vocal and Mogwai’s electronic beat seems like an improbable marriage but sounds fantastic. It’s hard to imagine that this release will shape the direction the band take on their next album because it is quite a change from what they’ve released in the past. They’ve always been fond of creating atmosphere but The Wrong Car is the first time when that’s really seemed to pay off, imbued with a vital energy that makes their music so much more interesting. They’ve been around for longer than some of their more successful contemporaries and failed to shine as brightly but if this is the way forward that could (and should) change. Photobucket