"Whenever you’re here, you’re alive" sings Greg Dulli on ‘Last Night In Town’. Nice wake-up call from The Twilight Singers after five years, a step further from the dark (but amazing nonetheless) Powder Burns.

Dynamite Steps is an album made by friends (Mark Lanegan, Joseph Arthur and Ani Di Franco all appear at some point), full of bitter happiness and quiet redemption. An album where demons and ghosts of the past meet a present made of regrets, faded love and lust, and moving on. Don’t be mistaken though, The Twilight Singers are still the same: they still like to wrap Dulli’s confessions into piano and guitars, giving an almost epic tone to some of the tracks (the heartbreaking ‘Gunshots’, ‘Get Lucky’) while turning the imperfections of his voice into beauty, like on ‘She was Stolen’. The climax is without a doubt the duet ‘Blackbird and The Fox’. Performed with Ani DiFranco, the song is a tense 2 minutes, where both voices warn "Come closer, and then they’ll disarm you." As if they sadly knew the end of an urban story.

The most beautiful moment in Dynamite Steps is its brutal honesty. Dulli exposes his wounds and weaknesses..."I do what I want/I calculate/Forgot you were broken/My mistake / I look in the mirror, time to pay / and nobody knows me / when I’m awake" he confesses on ‘The Beginning Of The End’. He plays with his long-time obsessions until the end, when ‘Dynamite Steps’ explodes with "Memories to crucify are sent below, I suppose." Powerful, as ever. A success.