The music industry is in enough of a period of transition that we don't need ticket bots to be ruining the flow of things and scooping up all the tickets to your favourite show before you get your hands on them.

UK politicians are now cracking down on scalpers and bots who buy and inflate tickets with unlimited fines thanks to the Digital Economy bill, which will make it illegal to use bots to get past restricting limits on the number of tickets you can get per show.

"It’s unacceptable that touts are misusing technology to bypass security measures and buy up vast numbers of tickets before real fans get the chance, only to sell them on at rip-off prices," said Minister of State for Digital and Culture Matt Hancock. "It’s a growing problem that affects too many people. Ticket sellers also need to do more, by improving transparency and ensuring that they are acting in the best interests of consumers and help the market work for everyone."

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