Music inspires people and it is no wonder that football players are adorned with headphones pre-match. The music gets them into the right frame of mind and ready for battle. Often times, after a big victory, players blast tunes in the changing room to celebrate. Music can be heard from the victorious changing room and players sing and dance in celebration of a great performance.

Football supporters are no different. Ahead of a big match, fans will put on a playlist of tracks to pump themselves up for the 90 minutes. On the way home, supporters may choose a playlist to keep the good feelings going or to commiserate a painful defeat. Here’s the best songs when you’re in a football mood.

AC/DC - 'You Shook Me All Night Long'

AC/DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long' appeared on the Australian band's 1980 album Back in Black. It is a raucous guitar led track that gets the blood pumping before a match. AC/DC's tunes are regularly played by professional and amateur teams around the world before matches. Anyone rockin' 'You Shook Me All Night Long' will get all the blood boiling emotion going with Brian Johnson's raspy vocals. If you bet on bookmakers’ website, as Bethard, before the game, you will lose your mind for sure and will probably end-up shirtless.

Ice Cube ft. Dr. Dre - 'Natural Born Killaz'

Ice Cube's 'Natural Born Killaz' is a 1990s Gangsta Rap track that is a piece of music from a bygone era. The track still holds up today, and gets listeners pumped up for their favourite club or national team's big match. The beats and music under Ice Cube and Dr. Dre's raps are frantic and pulsating. It is the perfect soundtrack to the pre-match intensity of a derby game. They don't make rap like this anymore, except on some hidden bonus track.

Drake - 'Started from the Bottom'

Drake's 'Started from the Bottom" is the perfect track to listen to during a football match. Especially, if a team has started poorly but over'ome their rival in the second half. The song comes from Drake's third studio album release in 2013 entitled Nothing was the Same. The track's lyrics chart the rapper's early life and career beginnings. It is a fitting track for those clubs and national teams that may not be competing for trophies every season.

Jay-Z ft. Linkin Park - 'Encore'

Jay-Z has sold more than 36 million records during his 20-plus year music career. One of the rapper's most popular songs is 'Encore'. Featured on the Black Album, 'Encore"' features guest vocals from John Legend and Kanye West. The track's lyrics are inspiring whether it is listened to before, during, or after a football match. With words like “I came, I saw, I conquered”, there are few other tracks that can inspire a fan. For sure, if you listen to this song loudly, you’ll imagine yourself scoring insane goals in a World Cup final.

Queen - 'We are the Champions'

As shown in the video above, this song is made to be played in big stadiums. Is there any better song to listen to after a big club or national team win than Queen's 'We are the Champions'? It is the quintessential song to listen after a victory. There are few other songs that resonate and have the power that 'We are the Champions'. Big, bold, and boasting are all qualities 'We are the Champions' possesses. Released in 1977 on Queen's News of the World album, 'We are the Champions' can still be heard at sports stadiums around the globe after big cup and championship matches. It is a worldwide anthem for every sport lover.