Much like a pair of people who have yet to confirm if they're actually dating or not, The Unicorns are "talking." In particular, Nick Thorburn of the band said in an interview with SPIN, "Don't get your hopes up" before adding “We are talking right now but that’s as far as it’s gotten. We’ve talked about this kind of thing many times over the years and while it’s true that this is the furthest along it’s gotten, conceptually, it’s still just talk.”

This news came after founding member Alden Penner sat down with the podcast Kreative Kontrol where he revealed that a Unicorns reunion tour may be in the works in addition to a re-issue of their 2003 full length album Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?. Penner and Thorburn recently amended any hurt feelings last year and they almost got back together then, saying:

”We met in high school and had this sincere, nice, musically-based friendship that, unfortunately got torn apart by music industry circumstances and competing attitudes about how things should be done. That’s really a minor thing when it comes down to renewing a friendship and that’s why I feel good about this particular endeavour — it’s not really a cash grab or based on any sort of nostalgia coming from those who’ve been calling for it for a long time. It feels like a point in my life where it’d be nice to honour that friendship. It’s never too late to that sort of thing, even though it might feel that way as you get older.”

Don't get too excited, though, because Penner, Thorburn, and Jamie Thompson won't even be getting together to discuss plans until April, and any sort of tour wouldn't happen until the fall.

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