Musicians are always adapting and growing as they absorb new inspirations, and that's certainly true for The Vare. The band released their first EP, Letterbox, in 2013 and at that time, they were trekking into the world of indie-rock. But, touring and new inspirations set them down a path filled with electro-pop and R&B. This, combined with the knowledge of their rock roots, is what The Vare poured into their latest EP, Shapes.

And today, we're proud to premiere the video for their single, 'Spot Dark'. Which is a great example of their musical evolution.

The song itself is moody and woozy, with the smooth crooning of lead vocalist Mikey Desjardins riding along the composition's dark undulations. The track is not minimalist but has a minimalist feel. And that comes from the tight production value; eery instrument is polished and played with a purpose.

This care is applied to the Gaston D'antos-directed video for 'Spot Dark' as well. As the band put it, "After having Gaston D'antos listen to the song, he started visualising and planning out the mood and really capturing the feel of what we wanted in the video. The song is about the fear of being seen in your true light."

The video itself borrows some aesthetic from trippy '60s videos. A touch of magic realism - or maybe science fiction - is incorporated, showing the infinite universe behind our eyes. And of course on the surface, a burgeoning relationship between two people.

So, take some time to get wrapped in the story - and more importantly - wrapped in the feeling of The Vare's video for 'Spot Dark'.