Here's another banger from Scottish art-pop band The Vegan Leather: 'The Hit' is an addictive piece of synth neo-disco à la 2000s whose opening line "Poor Girls and Broken Boys" is also the title of their forthcoming debut LP, due out this October via Midnight Pink/Believe Digital.

With its lyrics discussing a world where nothing seems to be off-limits for commodification, 'The Hit' was written after vocalist Marie Collins and co-vocalist Gian Bernacchi attended a a march against sexual violence in Paisley, their hometown: "the name is fashioned from the use of a double entendre by alluding to violence against women, whilst making a reference to the increasing pressures of creating a ‘hit’ song," Marie says. "We thought it was interesting to compare themes of violence and threat with increased societal pressures. It also alludes to just being a ‘hit’ in your everyday life - in your job, relationships and the pressure to be perfect."

You can stream 'The Hit' below.