Here's an addictive new offering from Scottish band The Vegan Leather to get you properly pumped for those endless summer nights: 'French Exit' is the band's first piece of new music to emerge from their late 2018 Chem19 sessions, where they worked with legendary producer Paul Savage. "It was a total dream come true," singer/guitarist Marie Collins says of the experience. "A lot of my musical heroes recorded there, and so it was a surreal experience to see a lot of my favourite albums on the wall of the studio as we were recording. The history of the studio was a real creative driving force for us, and we felt privileged to be in a space where so many incredible songs had been produced."

The clip for "French Exit' was directed by Eric Liddle and Kasparas Vidunas in a dizzying 2000s wet dream aesthetics, a perfect companion to the single's sonic heritage. But it also intends to reflect its lyrics, which discuss social anxiety: "we wanted to visualise the internal struggle within our protagonist and offer the viewer a genuine feeling of anxiety," the band says of the video. "We also wanted to represent the voices in (and outside) the protagonist's head that were coaxing and enticing them to go against their natural instincts.

Check out the clip for 'French Exit' below.