The Ventz Say 'HAI' Visit The Ventz'For English' Website
The Ventz are a 'rookie' Japanese band who are determined to break into the English music alternative music scene! Doesn't sound particularly scintillating as an introduction does it? You might well reconsider when you see just how they've started to go about it:
Perusing the counter of Rough Trade East I saw a prettily folded newspaper origami flower (TSUBAKI) which turned out to encase a demo by aforementioned Jap-rockers. If nothing else I want to give them full marks for both ambition, artistry and being damn cute.
The actual music is, as their Myspace suggests, nicely produced garage rock with a twist or two; namely the addition of an organ, plenty of vocoding and some pretty crazy cadences. The EP hasn't blown my head off but it's more than competent for a first offering and I for one would go to see them play live if they realise their dream of debuting here in the UK; they would almost certainly be a riot on stage.
Also: I happened to take a spare copy so the first person to @ us on twitter what TSUBAKI means will get it in the post! Ah I love Japanese bands. - UPDATE:Congratz to @facesinthesand for being so quick off the mark; your Tsubaki CD is in the post sir!