The imagery in this video for 'Champagne Kisses', taken from Jessie Ware's latest album, Tough Love, is pretty surreal to say the least. She sits in a waiting room inside a television (already you can see the strangeness) whilst a lot of oddities occur within this television – perhaps a symbol of Ware's own mind, but more likely to be a comment on people's warped perceptions of artists as 'not real' (i.e. unreal, surreal) people.

It some places it looks like a more colourful version, less terrifying version of the Black Lodge from cult TV series Twin Peaks. With Rubik's cubes, giant pills on plates, Jessie wearing a sharp blue outfit, her head stretching through holes in the floor, the bottom half of her torso turning to planks of wood in an amateurish half-rendering of Mokujin from the Tekken series, there's a lot going on.

It was directed by Christopher Sweeney, who also gave us the visuals for 'Young And Beautiful' by Lana Del Rey and that controversial video for Lily Allen's 'Hard Out Here'