Not content with a 4K lyric video, a tracklisting composed of GIFs, nor even a drone-shot trailer – all in aid of promoting their upcoming album I Thought Future Would Be CoolerYACHT announce a video for their track 'L.A. Plays Itself'; the catch is that it only plays when Uber prices hit a 1.1x surge. Surges happen when there's a lot of traffic (the video below explains it all).

What? I know, I know. It does make sense, but it seems awfully convoluted at the same time. And what's more, when prices reach a 2.0x surge, you get to hear the Darq E Freaker remix of the single. How joyously L.A.-centric and Uber-oriented.

You can watch the video and simultaneously divine L.A.'s traffic forecast over at dedicated site,

I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler is out 16th October.