The View are one of those bands that came about in the post Libertines world of NME where a scrappy strummy song and a pair of fairly new skinnies would be enough to push you to the top of 'the cool list'. It is true to say to say that they do have some pretty decent songs though I find the track presented here to be a definite recap of previous work as an almost cookie cutter reproduction from previous releases it's still not half bad.

The new single 'Grace' is immediate in it's catchiness and if you are a fan of the group surely one to bring a smile to your face although as a first outing from the new album Bread And Circuses I would hope they have something stronger lurking in the background to follow up with. In conclusion, not a bad track but nothing that is going to set the world on fire while a hundred other sound a like bands all fight for the same pair of converse.