Artist: The View Album: Which Bitch? Label: 1965 Records Release Date: 2/02/09 Link: It's that time again for another hugely hyped band to get back on the horse and release the all important second album, the same questions pose The View's second offering 'Which Bitch?' as any second album, but with 'Hats Off To The Buskers' debuting at number one in 2007 you could forgive the boys from Scotland for taking just over 2 years to produce the follow up. The album picks up essentially where the first album left off. Opener 'Typical Time 2' borrows its name from the last track from 'Hats Off To The Buskers' and is a charming folk-blues song with harmonica and piano a far cry from the opener expected. The first single '5Rebbeccas' lines up second on the album and sounds vaguely familiar, despite failing to make chart success the song stands out as one of the main pop-rock songs that made the first album so successful. The real highlights of the album come later though, 'Temptation Dice' set to become the next single from the album has a glorious 50's style hook and lyrics centred around the need to take risks in your life, showing a real change in the band's maturity, seemingly stepping away from the pop-rock mainstream success to experiment with older styles. A welcome breath of fresh air. Paolo Nutini guests on the track 'Covers' a sweetly harmonised track that is distinctive and a personal favourite, 'Covers' is one of the few tracks on 'Which Bitch?' that refers to the well worn cliche of love and delivers its message brilliantly, pull the covers off your partner in the night! The final two tracks, 'Give Back The Sun' and 'Gem Of A Bird' round things off in similarly engaging style, with both benefiting from the presence of some female co-vocals in particular 'Gem Of A Bird' drawing a close to the album with a sickly sweet acoustic ballad. The View's second offering 'Which Bitch?' shows a genuine progression from their first album, containing new methods and approaches to writing songs. There is still a long way to go to avoid album filler songs such as 'One Off Pretender' and 'Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy' but The View are certainly on the right tracks. 7/10