A couple of months ago I was visiting Washington D.C. and while there decided to explore the National Gallery of Art. I spent almost an entire day at the Gallery making sure I saw every piece of art I possibly could see. One particular painting stood out to me that day and its image has remained in my head ever since. This painting is The Voyage of Life: Youth by Thomas Cole in 1842. I love this painting for many different reasons, its colour, atmosphere, texture, realism, but most importantly the ideal it puts across.

What first caught my attention of The Voyage of Life was the vivid colours of its breathtaking scenery had me in awe. However, after studying the painting a bit more I began to take in the story it was telling, one that we are all involved in. The Voyage of Life: Youth portrays an enthusiastic young man ready to take on all that stands in his way, no matter how unprepared, while traveling down the river of life. A Guardian angel guides the youth along in his journey, keeping him on the right track, ready to guide him through the many obstacles that await. I love how the youth keeps his sight on Heaven, giving him the strength to survive his voyage and everything that he must go through to get there.