Two members of the 405's editorial team have annual passes to the London Zoo, so the idea of The Walkmen's Walter Martin teaming up with The National's Matt Berninger on a track called 'We Like The Zoo ('cause We're Animals Too)' is, to coin a phrase, 'right up our street'.

Berninger steals the show with this: "I'm an antelope / And I'm a billy goat / And I'm a porcupine / And I'm a crocodile / And I'm an octopus / And I'm a platypus / And I'm a jaguar / And I'm a grizzly bear."

If the title, illustration (by Marcellus Hall) or lyrical content hasn't sold you - move on. The track is taken from Martin's solo album, We're All Young Together, which is released on May 13th via Family Jukebox.

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