The War On Drugs' third album Lost In The Dream was one of the most surprising sleeper hits of 2014, with singles creeping onto airwaves, playlists and television shows all over the place, giving them an ever-growing fanbase. This has caught the attention of major label Atlantic, who have snapped up the Philadelphia collective for the release of their follow-up album A Deeper Understanding.

Their fourth album will be out on August 25th and will include the previously released 11-minute epic 'Thinking Of A Place'. The next taste of A Deeper Understanding arrives with today's album announcement and is called 'Holding On'. It's a more sprightly and fast-paced number than its lackadaisical predecessor, but still maintains that langurous warmth of all good War On Drugs songs.

Check out 'Holding On' below and find the tracklist for A Deeper Understanding Beneath - that's the album art above. You can pre-order the album here, ahead of it's August 25th release date.

A Deeper Understanding tracklist:

  • 1. Up All Night
  • 2. Pain
  • 3. Holding On
  • 4. Strangest Thing
  • 5. Knocked Down
  • 6. Nothing To Find
  • 7. Thinking of a Place
  • 8. In Chains
  • 9. Clean Living
  • 10. You Don’t Have To Go