It’s rather apt that ‘Clap Your Hands and Say Wowzers, Where the Hell Have We Been?’ return this year as my first play of this tune quickly harkened me to ‘the Yeah’s’ distinctly whacky tones. That isn’t to say that this is some sort of hand me down - The War on Drugs has CYHSY's vibrant imprint but they've honed it in into something altogether more polished.

Hailing from Philadelphia and dropping various releases since their formation in 2005, ‘Baby Missiles’ is the first taster from their forthcoming 2nd LP Slave Ambient and is a great indicator of what to expect on the album. Oodles of energy coarse through the track, propelled by pulsating organ tones and echoey vocals, machine gunned out from mountain top. Its haunting Springsteen (apt for philly dwellers) vibe will immediately encourage you to throw down your best Courtney Cox sway. Well, it did for me anyway. Talking of which, have you ever tried mimicking that dance? It's actually harder than it looks. I once had a 'Cox Off' (not as dodgy as it sounds. Actually it probably is) with a mate and totally lost out, the control over my hips evidently not as good as i had originally thought when entering into the bet. I should've known this after various failed attempts at getting a hula hop to work. I've seen 5 year olds put me to shame with those things.

The album drops in August 15tj on Secretly Canadian and you can download 'Baby Missiles' for free now (here). I am excited. And you probably should be too.