There are a few undeniably great things in the world: rainbows, sunny days, cute animals, great new music, love, and cupcakes are just a handful of those. In their new music video for 'Best of You', Sussex-based band The Watermelons have brought most of those things together in a mind-blowingly adorable way. Their brand new video for 'Best of You' tells a story of how everyone on the planet - animals and humans alike - need love to survive no matter where one might find it, whether it's in another person or another puppy, and it's almost sickeningly cute in how it's portrayed.

An uplifting indie-pop track about wanting to bring out the best qualities in both friends and lovers, the band aimed to echo that statement for its video."We wanted a video that suited the fun feel of the song but had a relation to the lyrics”, they explained, and I'd say they succeeded. Watch the 'Best of You' video below, and check out their forthcoming tour dates after that!

  • Tour Dates:
  • 4th July @ AlleyCat
  • 17th July @ Smiths of Spitafields
  • 24th July @ Amersham Arms