Good news for Abel Tesfaye of The Weeknd are the seven Grammy Awards nominations he picked up this week. Bad news is a lawsuit claiming that the bassline in his Beauty Behind The Madness track 'The Hills' was lifted from elsewhere: from a soundtrack to 2013 film The Machine, directed by Caradog W. James.

The soundtrack was created by Welsh composer Tom Raybould. In particular it's the bassline on 'Revolution', taken from the soundtrack, that is the alleged stolen piece of sound. However, whilst no permission was sought, Emmanuel Nickerson aka Million Dollar Mano (aka DJ Mano, Kanye's ex-DJ) - one of the producers for Tesfaye's album Beauty... - did send a Twitter direct message to Raybould on 9th March, which reads:

"I sampled your music might make it 2 the weeknd next album. Huge fan of what u did 4 the machine movie!"

At this point in time, Raybould could quite easily have said, "Cool, that's great to hear. Maybe I could get a little credit on that? Or if you don't want to mention my name, at least some % of monies for royalties?"

But instead it's now December and 'The Hills' has over 400 million views on YouTube and Raybould wants his cut and he wants it now. It's not as if it happened completely out of the blue. The lawsuit also states that The Weeknd's track contains

"...bass lines performed with almost identical idiosyncratic sounds at the same register and using the same pitch sequence, melodic phase structure and rhythmic durations."

But again: it's not as if there wasn't any prior conversation there. A message on Twitter, no matter how informal, is something in writing. We don't know how Raybould responded, or if he responded at all, but if he was withheld the opportunity to be credited or to at least make money for the sample that was taken from his music, then that makes things a bit different.

Even though we already know that Mano sampled the bassline from 'Revolution', see if you can hear it below ('Revolution' begins at 26:44).