At the beginning of this month we announced that we were hosting a remix competition for Laura Doggett's track 'Moonshine'. Now we've come around full circle, it's nearly Christmas, the end of the year, the remixes have been finished and the winner has been chosen.

We helped judge and I have to say it was tricky; basically all of the entries were worthy of winning. Even Laura Doggett herself thought so – check out this tweet (and while you're at it check out the other remixes):

But one caught my ear particularly and that was this remix by Pinemarten. Needless to say, it must've caught everyone's ear because this is the winner. Congratulations Mr. Pinemarten!

Real name Martyn Stonehouse and based in Derbyshire, UK, his reworking of 'Moonshine' is, both in its general sound and in how fitting that sound is to the original vocals, pretty much spot-on. Juddering synth bass and a swaying, pendulous beat underpins snowswirls of misty chords and occasional stabs of guitar – a definitively '80s flavour, ornamented with icy melodies towards the end, a synth solo summoning the delicate nocturnal majesty of Laura Doggett's original, whose vocals are treated perfectly in this atmospheric remix.