We're days away from the release of Drake's most anticipated album. And there's such a palpable excitement that creating viral memes over album art has become the only healthy and productive means to harness a little anticipation for the boy's fourth full-length, set for arrival this Friday. The 6 God will soon deliver, (but to what extent and what exactly, we still aren't quite sure.)

Since his last solo project If You're Reading This It's Too Late a year ago, Aubrey Graham has undergone one of rap's most notable transitions, rebranding not only his city, and his look, but his sound and ultimately, the direction of his career. New album Views From The 6 is the direct product of that – a showing and proving following an altered image, public beefs and the critical headlines that came with them this past year. And despite some comical Photoshop skills, it all feels much more serious this time around.

The cover, the Summer Sixteen tour announcement and OVO Fest details all happened at once this week, as Drake indulged us with the promise of a looming opus, after months of waiting. We've purged on memes and the 'One Dance' replay button, but ultimately, we all have absolutely no idea what will become of Drake's long-awaited Views, a fact that Megan Sumpton, (the founder and creator of Word On Road, Drake's official fan site,) finds most exciting. As a bridge between Drake and his loyal fan-base, Meg has earned a spot as the central location for accurate news about the boy. And with just a few days until the project's release, she unpacks what makes this roll-out so necessary.

"Happy Views week," I start.

Everyone is anticipating Drake's interview on Apple Music this Thursday and of course, the album is dropping on Friday. Yet on Tuesday afternoon, Noah "40" Shebib tweeted that Views is "almost" done. The interesting thing is, with past projects like If You're Reading This It's Too Late and What A Time To Be Alive, even Drake's biggest critique was that things sounded too rushed. So what are your thoughts regarding 40's tweet and the fact that the release date is days away?

I definitely know that this project isn't rushed, because he's been working on this for years. I remember a while back, it was in 2014 that he had said that he had started working on it and he wrote on somebody's Instagram, "I have five songs done for Views." And that was two years ago. I think the point with him saying that he's almost done is that they really work up until the last minute to make things perfect. 40 went on in an interview to talk about what it's like when they're finally done and they're not done until they listen to it and don't find anything wrong with anything.

Everything dropped all at once this week. But yet this still seems to be the most minimalist album roll-out we've seen from Drake, minus the pop-up shops. What excites you most about this roll-out, compared to the lead-ups that you’ve been a part of in the past?

This one has been a long time coming. We've heard so much about when he first starting talking about Views From The 6 and the fact that, to me, it's like it snuck up on us. Like, wow, it's actually coming at the end of this week. I like how everything this time is really focused on the music. He hasn't given us a tracklist. He just gave us the cover. We really don't know what to expect, and I think that's kind of exciting when you really don't know. All you can focus on this Friday is what you think when you actually get to hear it, then we can make our judgments. At this point, we really can't judge too much. That's exciting that everybody's going to be able to sit down when it releases.

Like you mentioned, the cover announcement has made the most noise out of everything. What are your thoughts on everything from the memes to the controversy around it being photoshopped, to its symbolism?

The memes are always funny. Anything Drake does gets meme-ed and he always has a good attitude about it. As far as the cover, I thought it was cool. To me, whether it's photoshopped or not, the fact is that he's sitting on the CN Tower - to me, that's epic, especially the symbolism behind it. To me, he's always put on for Toronto, but I feel like this time, he's really gone above and beyond to make sure the sound gets pushed forward and people know about the city. In the 'Headlines' video, he was riding up the CN Tower and now he's sitting on it. It's pretty cool.

I like how he looks so small and the city and its greatest landmark are the main focus. How have you seen him push that narrative of putting Toronto first throughout other facets regarding Views?

A lot of people were like, "Why is he all of a sudden speaking slang and putting dancehall in his music?" To me, if you've watched him over the years, he's done these things but this time, he's gone full force. A lot of people haven't been to Toronto, so they don't know what it's like. It looked like it came from nowhere but people there can tell you it's normal. It's all coming out now. People are seeing that this is how the city really is and he's been influenced by it for a long time.

From the memes to the Instagram captions that he's always been known for to his Drake-isms that always seem to go viral, it's as if the Drake fandom is one of the most participatory hives out there. How have you seen the participatory nature of Drake's fans play an integral role in not only his career, but yours as the bridge between him and them, with Word On Road?

It's been a positive thing. A lot of times, things that celebrities do can be overshadowed by tabloids. I think by putting a positive light on things that Drake really does – he's the type of guy that always stops to take pictures or sign stuff – I try and focus on that. With the memes, he laughs with you and posts them. When you do those things, it shows people that he's cool and he's a part of it. When you feel like you're connected to an artist, and not just their music, it helps. You don't only have people sold on the music, you have people sold on you as a person.

There's recently been this discourse on the internet about whether or not Drake has a classic album. Do you think he does and if not, what do you think he has to do now in order to get there with Views?

To me, classic is a matter of preference. What I hear all the time is that Take Care is his closest to a classic album, but the problem with Take Care they said was that it was too long. But to me, I personally liked Nothing Was The Same better than Take Care and the reasoning behind that is that I feel like NWTS was more concise and to the point. It still had all the elements that Take Care had but it had new things too.

The joke there is that Drake has already said that Views will be longer. He was quoted as saying around 20 songs. Plus, there are a lot of new sonic elements added as we can hear on 'Controlla' and 'One Dance.' So this should be interesting.

That's what I'm thinking. It's going to be an interesting conversation. They said Take Care was too long and this is going to be just as long. Are they going to automatically say that it isn't classic because of that? To me, Take Care was long in a way that he said what he needed to say but it was a really good album.

What do you want more of on Views?

I'm personally a big fan of Drake's R&B stuff. I really like when he sings. That's probably why I like NWTS so much. I like songs like 'Furthest Thing' and 'Connect' and 'Come Thru.' I like when he mixes singing and rapping. I would like more songs like that. It's fun to go to his concerts and be able to sing along.

How will you be celebrating when the project drops?

I'll be listening to it on repeat.