Connecticut emo collective The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die have leapt back into the fray with their new track 'Dillon And Her Son'. It's taken from their newly announced third LP Always Foreign, which will be released through Epitaph Records on 29th September.

TWIABP have a lot on their shoulders considering the adoration that their 2015 full-length Harmlessness garnered, but as a taste of what's to come 'Dillon And Her Son' is extremely promising. Condensing their trademark tumultuous riffs and layered melodicism, topped off with just the right amount of melodrama, 'Dillon And Her Son' achieves so much in its short run time that you'd think it was closer to five minutes than three. It is instantly worthy of being held among TWIABP's canon, and makes us all the more impatient to hear Always Foreign.

Check out 'Dillon And Her Son' below.