It's 2014 and to quote the oft understated Soulja Boy "N**** we made it!" Fortunately for you, me, and the rest of the internet, his recent mixtape, from which the above quote is the first hook, will not feature in this overview. Why? Because it's like so 2013. And because it's so Soulja Boy. No, as we pile into the new year, indigestion and all, the focus must surely be on the new.

Hullo 2014!

There are sure to be hordes of new mixtapes, posse cuts, albums and internet promos to come out this year, and most of them will be more Beyonce than DOOM, in terms of build-up rather than content, but here are a choice few names and records and even a few dates to scrawl onto the brand new Wu Tang Clandar yo mamma bought you for Christmas.* And now, in no order...

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Kitty - flowerviolence

Although no date has been announced as yet Kitty has given us a brief glimpse into the star-scattered aether of her new tape, flowerviolence. In 'Second Life' she purrs over what would be a pretty limp liquid D'n'B remix of a My Little Pony track but which works beautifully in tandem. Her output can err a little too far on the side of lo-fi so a polished record would be an interesting change.

Rejjie Snow - Dear Annie

A whispered, bassy delivery teamed up with articulate, violent social observation sets Rejjie Snow alongside Taylor, the Creator and Earl Sweatpants and the cynical might suggest that this has been the driving force behind the young Irishman's rise in popularity. But that would be cynical. In reality the deep, lyrical bars of his Rejovich EP are captivating, rumbling below the simple combination of looped pianos and slow, swung drums. Teasing us with what is to come he released 'Black Pancakes in November' and 'Nights Over Georgia' on Christmas Eve, and announced mid-December that the new record is finished and awaiting delivery.

Angel Haze - Dirty Gold (Out Now)

Uh, wut?! This ruins the promo. Due to Angel Haze leaking the record herself late last year Island Records released the album on 30th December. As you were.

Isaiah Rashad

Following the trajectory of his TDE peers Isaiah Rashad has been on the rise. He signed to the rapidly growing label this September and big things are expected following the international success Black Hippy has brought it. That is not to say that this hype will be too much for the young rapper, but there is a lot of anticipation around his debut mixtape. He hasn't let slip about any plans, but with Kendrick in 2012 and Chance in 2013 could this be the year of Isaiah Rashad?

New Doom?

From one DOOM beat to another. Will this year be the year that the Ghostface collaboration makes its way off the page and onto disc? Or will the cartoon villain continue his sojourn in real life by disappointing expectant fans through the media of promising and not releasing records and not turning up to shows? Will that mask which Noisey made such a fuss about ever actually be used? Does he even know?

Any Other Business?

3rd February sees the release of new Freddie Gibbs and Madlib collaboration, a collaboration which, if slightly stale at first, found its feet with Deeper. Three weeks later ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron shall drop, which can't fail to raise the mood of (arguably) the most depressing month of the year. Aside from that, will we see anything else from Zeroh, Jonwayne or Captain Murphy? Their mixtape and feature action - or in Captain Murphy's case being splattered all over GTAV - towards the end of last year makes new releases look like a possibility, so fingers crossed.

Goodbye 2013!

Despite my dismissive opener 2013 saw some killer releases from Doris to Acid Rap. One mixtape in particular was missed off of all end of year lists which, for me, was the don of last years mixtapes. Sorry Chano, this one's not for you.

November saw Action 'It's Me!' Bronson team up with Party Supplies with their follow up to 2012's Blue Chips. Featuring an impeccable mele of 80's sampled beats and Bronsolini's abstract, husky similes Blue Chips 2 is blissfully enjoyable. In the midst of some delightful tunes comes Contemporary Man. Party Supplies bashed through a medley of no less than six popular 80's hits, Phil Collins, Pete Gabriel et al backing Action as he treats us to six playfully packed verses. Although this may be the peak it is by no means a standout. The Don's Cheek lopes through an Onra style beat with Action bouncing alongside, Pepe Lopez sees him go toe to toe with The Champs' Tequila and Rolling Thunder is a good old straight up sixteen on sixteen verse affair with some explosions to boot. He keeps up his impressively high level of output following Saaab Stories and Rare Chandeliers, it's going to be exciting to see what's next to come!

If that doesn't set you up in a cheery mood for the new year then fuck off back to Pitchfork.

*Tragically this doesn't exist. Internet, please get on it.