The 'world's first smart wireless headphones' have gone up for pre-order on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, BRAGI, the company responsible for the headsets - titled The Dash - has announced.

While the Munich-based company has perhaps a moderately spurious claim to the 'world's first' label, they are aiming to encompass various tools, apps and other technologies by integrating its headset with smartphones and the user itself - much more solidly than other high-purpose headphones on the market.

The Dash will monitor movements like pace, steps and cadence, heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy - all with real time feedback. Even without a smartphone attached.

Furthermore it's managed to embed a 4GB music player within the headphones, which can of course connect to an external music player via Bluetooth.

It also provides noise isolation technology, and an ear bone microphone - as painful as that sounds.

Those that have already pledged towards the production of The Dash look set to see their contribution pay off - at the time of writing, over $1 million has been pledged - a considerable leap beyond the target of $260,000 by 31 March 2014.

There are currently still a number of pledge opportunities for those looking to get headphones for $199, before they're released at the recommended retail price of $299.

The only issue we can see is that this price tag might not be high enough to ensure owners look after their headset properly, and not accidentally misplace them in the bread bin, or down the toilet. Find out more about the campaign by heading here.

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