If, like me, you were craving for new music from Brighton-based surf-psych trio The Wytches, here's some good news: Kristen Bell & co. have just released a brand new EP which gathers seven tracks recorded at the vocalist's garage, one of them being the awesomely sick (or sickly awesome) 'Who Rides?'.

"The EP is made up of some old songs that were never recorded and some brand new songs, as well as 'Cough/Cool', a cover of an early Misfits single," they explain, adding that "the new album is coming soon, for now here's some new music."

The Home Recordings EP is out today digitally, but you can also pre-order it on cassette here. The tracklisting is as follows:

  • 1. 'Who Rides?'
  • 2. 'Cough/Cool'
  • 3. 'Can't Show How'
  • 4. 'The Waving Snowman'
  • 5. 'The Ghastly Remains Of Dr Ghoulstone'
  • 6. 'Instrumental No. 2' (Spooky Mix)
  • 7. 'The Gaging Eye'