To start off the week, The xx attempted to continue their mysterious streak of releasing new anonymous music from their unannounced forthcoming album. But a Reddit user put that plan to an end quickly by completely unveiling their album name and tracklist through the use of music app, Shazam.

Now that their cover is blown, the collective have officially announced that their anticipated third album I See You will be released on January 13 via Young Turks. Find the tracklist below.

 photo unnamed 32_zps8ie2fyle.jpg

  • I See You tracklist:
  • 1. Dangerous
  • 2. Say Something Loving
  • 3. Lips
  • 4. A Violent Noise
  • 5. Performance
  • 6. Replica
  • 7. Brave For You
  • 8. On Hold
  • 9. I Dare You
  • 10. Test Me