The xx are working on a new album, that much we know, but they've been playing coy with their mysterious new music. For two weeks now, they've been delivering enigmatic sonic deliveries in the form of unanymous song clips, which may just be from their third album. But it looks like someone may have cracked the code.

One Reddit user took to music identifying app, Shazam and uncovered twelve brand new song titles connected to the band. So if the app is right (like it was with forthcoming work from The Avalanches, Japandroids and Sampha) then the album may just be called I See You. Take a look at the reported tracklist below.

 photo BccWFeQ_zpshazwtuyn.png

  • Tracklist, according to Shazam.
  • ‘Brave For You’
  • ‘Dangerous’
  • ‘I Dare You’
  • ‘Lips’
  • ‘Naive’
  • ‘On Hold’
  • ‘Performance’
  • ‘Replica’
  • ‘Seasons Run’
  • ‘Say Something Loving’
  • ‘Test Me’
  • ‘A Violent Noise’