Austin, Texas quartet The Young have kept a fairly low profile in the years that they have been active. Releasing their debut, Voyagers Of Legend in 2010; a post-punk experience that was, as you will discover, states away from the direction taken with their debut Matador release, Dub Egg. Indeed, it may be a record for the modern country bumpkin, with a penchant for fine liquor as well as those of you who regularly wake up hungover, disorientated, with a growth of fur on the tongue.

The band were instructed to retreat into isolation, away from the hustle and bustle of home with only their analogue recording equipment, a heck of a lot of beer and themselves for company. For many bands, this would have ended with a roughshod meeting with label executives, a blank tape clutched in a weak, sweaty paw. However, The Young have crafted little snippets of unrivalled seclusion, snapshots of camping trips you went on when you were ten years old. Or, indeed, mornings at Leeds festival spent brushing your teeth with last nights Stella dregs. Moments that take a few seconds to focus, you know the ones I’m talking about, those normally spent with close friends, moments that stay with you forever.

Much of the noises heard here are the perfect soundtrack for that special bottle of Johnnie Walker you've been saving; all you need now is a few friends over and the a housemate to fire up that barbeque. Dub Egg is a zesty twist on the classic rock template and certainly one to accompany the before and after's of nights in, sat in the garden, drinking, gossiping, and most importantly capturing life’s important moments.