So hey, you know how stereotypically bands always start out rehearsing in their parents’ garage? ‘Giant Black Taco’ sounds like it was completely produced in one. Not that this is a bad thing – far from. It’s not the most perfect record ever made but its flaws are what will endear you to it – the stop start nature of the tracks, voids filled with barely audible background chatter. Hell, at times it almost feels like you’re crouched by the door, listening through the keyhole.

The Zookeepers aren’t the most serious of bands either. In fact the whole album is pretty damn stupid – in a knowingly dumb way that lets you know the whole thing is just a bit of fun. Which is a relief to know, we don’t want another Darkness on our hands after all. It’s refreshing, too, to see a group of guys making a record for the hell of it rather than because the label says so, or to make themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams.

I guess the whole thing could get a bit monotonous and repetitive if carried on for too long, but for now the Zookeepers are an entertaining breath of fresh air in these dark and gloomy times.