If I remember 7th-grade biology, the zygote comes first, then the embryo, then the fetus, then music journalist? Well, as long as I’m not being graded, I’ll go with that. I’ll also go with saying that Dayton, Ohio’s The Zygotes provide excellent, ramshackle tunes they’ve dubbed as “Frog Rock.” ‘In The Left Ear’ is pleasurable enough heard as the title suggests, but don’t leave the other earbud (AirPod?) dangling. The lead vocals of guitarist Simon Kingston converge and diverge splendidly with the backing ones of bassist Zade Walters. As the northern hemisphere transitions into spring, the multitude of melodies the band provides are truly refreshing. They discussed the song below:

“We first started writing ‘In The Left Ear’ over a year ago. It was a very simple four chord song at first, and we implemented more and more shifts and changes in the rhythms of every instrument over time, and through the addition of Matt (our new drummer) to the band. Matt used our old drummer, Al Linares’s part as inspiration and then built on it. It’s been a long time in the making. The process was sort of inspired by how early abstract painters would go about developing an image over multiple drafts until the original image and the final product are completely different.”

‘In The Left Ear’ appears on The Zygotes’ new EP, Falling Fruit. Follow them on Facebook and Bandcamp.