This weeks Art Roundup takes a look at urban calligraphy, escalator animation, abstract spanish graffiti, breath taking life drawing and other squishy doodles. Check it out! Artist: Jose Parla Born in Miami into a family of Cuban exiles, José Parlá moved to Puerto Rico at a very early age before returning to Miami again when he was nine. He currently lives and works in New York, and only recently traveled to Cuba for the first time. His life, like his work, is therefore at once extremely particular and generally reflective of the wanderings of today's urban populations. In the context of these migrations and upheavals, Parlá is concerned with the way that cities function as palimpsests, upon which the experiences of those who pass through them are materially inscribed in decay, in writing, in the well-worn paths of their inhabitants. Parlá's work attempts to extract and synthesize fragments of these urban environments in flux and reproduce them using the materials and methods of architectural construction: cement, wood, vinyl as well as those of traditional art like paper, paint, powdered dye, wax, and ink. Yet because these fragments are inflected by the memories and experience of the artist, he considers them to be paintings in sense that is probably truer than one that refers merely to the physical presence of pigments and oil. Parlá describes the object of his method as segmented realities or memory documents. Leading these ideas to form a personal philosophy of his work he calls Contemporary Palimpsests. Each painting bears the name of the location or experience from which it draws its source. Artist:Mister Kama What is going on here? This animation video, shot at close range, at first appears confusing. But upon closer inspection, one realizes it’s just plain clever. Watch Kama’s animation video and figure it out for yourself. Artist:Sixeart Sixeart is a multidimensional artist who expresses by his colourful works a unique universe through different artforms. Sixeart started his artistic trajectory in the world of graffiti in the late 80s. In the beginning he was simply tagging the streets of Barcelona, which led him to develop his own personal graffiti style. In the mid 90s he started experimenting with sculpture and painting until in the year 98 he felt the need to have his own Studio. Having his Studio he has been able to establish himself as a plastic artist. Sixeart expresses through his childlike style, his experiences of the urban landscape, the city's melancholy, his preoccupations regarding the evolution and its consequences, the genetic manipulation- the romanticism for the world that's left behind, the images lost in the passage of the time. He is influenced by the urban landscape, his city Barcelona and its social popular culture, the first Spanish painters that he has been admiring since he was a little boy and the mother nature. Artist:Steven Assael This weeks Artist of the Week goes to Steven Assael. Steven was born in New York, New York in 1957. He attended Pratt Institute and presently teaches at The School of Visual Arts in New York. Mr. Assael balances naturalism with a romanticism that permeates the figures and surroundings of his paintings and drawings. The focus of his work is the human figure, either individually or in a group, rendered in glowing relief by gentle beams of warm and cool light. Steven Assael’s classical talents are as rare as they are essential to the diverse art world of the late Twentieth Century. Artist:Jon Burgman Jon Burgerman is a Nottingham-based sculptor and illustrator. Sometimes he’s a designer or a painter. Recently, he’s a musician. But most notably, Jon is a doodler—an avid, highly reputed doodler. And those doodles have been reborn as toys, tattoos, clothes, wallpaper, snowboards and iPhone cases—which is ironic, considering that Jon owns the most basic Nokia model available. His client roster includes Levis, Adidas, Pepsi, and the clothing company Miss Sixty, for whom he’s painted ceiling-to-floor murals in both their Riccione hotel and their Amsterdam showroom. If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at - - PLEASE!!!