The405 recently invited the hella awesome Alex Sim-Wise to compile her very own special “Guest Mix”! It even includes the official "Sim-Wise Guide To Making Kick Ass Mix Tapes To Rock Out To In Your Undies" which In my opinion is a frickin' bonus! So, to Sim and those of you who are about to rock out - We here at The405 salute you! Enjoy! "Okay, well, I made my mix tape pretty basic as everyone likes to party, but you can't party all the time (sorry Eddie) so sometimes you need to chill like a mutherfucker.Here's a little guide to my songs and why I picked 'em" SIDE A: I made the party side of my mix tape a mix of 80s, metal, and electro as those are the songs that get me dancing on tables, singing into my pint. I think all good party tapes should have copious amounts of cheese, the trick is finding lesser-known cheese that you haven't heard for years... like Tim Capello, and Cutting Crew. Another good song is 'Goonies R Good Enough' by Cyndi Lauper. Pretty much any song that was featured in The Lost Boys or The Goonies will have everyone standing up, clutching their heart going "OMG OMG... I remember this!!" . Can't beat a bit of youth nostalgia. Also, there is no way in hell anyone can ever make a party mix tape without Andrew WK on it, that shit is totally against the rules - he is the party king! This song isn't actually my favourite song by him, but it gets people shouting and air punching. I included 'Ass and Titties' even though it is pretty shit, as it makes me crease hard and I love the way the song just gets more and more derogatory as it goes along. Jokes tune for jokes times. You can always rely on a bit of Chromeo to make everyone get up and dance (I heard it's physically impossible not to dance to Chromeo) and Pogo by Digitalism is one of my all-time favourite party tunes ever, even though it reminds me a bit of New Order. Side B: I'm a true believer that music should really make you feel something, which is why I don't really listen to pop music. A lot of the songs I picked for the chilled side are a bit depressing, I guess, but they are all made with the kind of depth and feeling you could never find in a Lily Allen tune. I love The Album Leaf, someone recommended them to me not too long ago actually and this song is my favourite, even though it kind of sounds like the music you would find in a holistic health centre. Maybe that's a good thing. You know, like Enya - it's not cool, but you can bet your right ass-cheek that everyone you know has it on their iTunes. I picked Mumford and Sons because I saw them live at Glastonbury last year, and they are the first band I've ever seen that made me root to the spot absolutely speechless for the whole set. This song is absolutely awesome. The build up and production values on Breathe Me are insane, I love songs where you can literally hear the spit coming out of their mouthes, the only other song I can think of where you can hear that is 'All I Need' by Air. I guess most of the more chilled songs I like are quite orchestral with big build-ups, which is good, because it means I have grown out of euphoric house.Incubus and Tool are knock-backs to my youth really. Grebo chill! And that's it really, I could probably talk about this forever..." Sim x Click here download the Mix Tape!