HAPPY NEW YEAR! Following the huge success of our Christmas Mix Tape (which is still available to download here) we decided to give you all another awesome DOUBLE SIDED Mix Tape made up from a collection of anthems, picked by all the good people here at The405, to usher in another new year! Click here to download the Mix Tape!!! Track Listing SIDE A 1. Gonna Make It Thru This Year by Great Lake Swimmers 2. Chromes On It by Telepathe 3. The New Year by Death Cab For Cutie 4. New Years Resolution by Graham Colton 5. Jet Black New Year by Thursday 6. New Years by Asobi Sesku 7. Celebration by Kool & The Gang 8. New Years Day by U2 9. Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai 10. New Year's Project by Further Seems Forever SIDE B 1. Opening the Hymnal/Babies by Cursive 2. Transformer by Marnie Stern 3. Celebrate The Body Electric by Pontytail 4. Head Dress by Amazing Baby 5. We Are The Champions by Das Oath 6. After The Curtain by Beirut 7. This Is The Day by The The 8. Congratulations by Blue October and Imogen Heap 9. Twice by Little Dragons 10. This New Year Will Be For You And Me by Lacrosse