From the "darkest depths" of Surrey, The405 presents to you - Stagecoach. With a love for US indie and folk rock from the 90s, Stagecoach's harmony-driven sound has often been compared to Wilco, Teenage Fanclub and The Shins. Stagecoach have played all over Paris and Surrey, and on January 10th the band will be returning to London to play at The Notting Hill Arts Club in association with both The405 and Rough Trade. You can check out the event by clicking here. Armed with songs about the adventures that have unfolded back in their small home town, and the those found when they dared to leave it, the band was quickly tipped by Channel 4 as "one to watch". In February 2007 'Giddy Up' appeared on the soundtrack to the BBC2 drama Party Animals and 'School Day' was included on the soundtrack of Skins series 2. In August 08 Stagecoach recorded their first BBC Session and played well received sets at festivals up and down the country. Stagecoach have seen their songs featured on compilations for Audio Scribbler, Repeat Records (Love Music Hate Rasicm), Tasty Fanzine and Backlash Magazine and have also had the honor of playing with the likes of Phoenix, Frightened Rabbit, The Wombats, Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin & Thomas Tantrum. So It goes without saying that Stagecoach has more then a few feathers to bare in their "caps", making them a more than accomplished addition to the events stupendous line up! Stagecoach took some time our to sit down and talk to The405 about their story so far... Just for our readers at home, tell us who you are, where you're from and how and when the band got together? We're from various villages in the Surrey Hills. We started off as a 2 piece and added a new member every year until we felt we could comfortably rock a stadium. I guess we formed the band because we're no good at sports and don't have any other hobbies apart from maybe skimming stones (i can get 8) Did you have any initial aims with regards to your sound or the content of your songs when you formed the band? We wanted to make Country music but then things evolved around the time we rediscovered our tape collections from 1993. The songs are about the usual stuff, hot dogs, girls, cars. Where did the creation of name Stagecoach originate from? I don't know much about Western movies so Nick thought he'd educate us. We did a marathon one Sunday and Stagecoach was our very favourite. It became our name on Monday morning. I just finished watching your music video for "Hang That Head", which is awesome by the way! How did you come up with the concept for the video and how long did it take to shoot with all the T-shirt changes that take place? Also are any plans for future music videos to be done? We did the video with an awesome new director called Andy Boyle who'd been working with Tim Burgess and Fionn Regan for LMHR. It was his concept and he pretty much knew exactly how he wanted it to do it. It took about 9 hours of changing t-shirts. If you look carefully there's one frame where Tom's naked (no joke) You've also had one of your tracks "School Day" featured in the hit E4 series SKINS! How did this come about? We thought the music on Skins was a bit rubbish and needed some Powerpop so we posted them our cd with a nice letter and they wrote back saying yes we really have been missing powerpop on our show. Where or form whom do you draw your inspirations when writing new lyrics and music? We like french pop music and lots of 90's stuff. Lyrically i enjoy the words of Van Dyke Parks and Steve Malkmus, playful stuff. Over the next few months Stagecoach will be playing all around the UK. Do you have any stories from being on the road that you could share? And where is your favorite place to play? We're probably the least rock'n'roll band ever. We get to soundcheck nice and early and make sure we say our please and thank you's everywhere we go. There was one time when we bundled our drummer and broke his rib. But we apologised very nicely and he didn't seem to mind. Paris is without doubt our favourite place to play, best people, best food, best times. What was the first and last records that you bought? The first record i got was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie soundtrack and the last was probably the She & Him album. We've all been listening to My Amiga, Favours for Sailors and WILLIAM excessively. Stagecoach will be of course supporting Frightened Rabbit on the 16th of December at The Brixton Windmill. You guys must be pretty excited about this as i can imagine it being some form of an achievement? Yeh, it's nice to support a quality band. I've not seen them before so it's nice to get a free ticket. It'll hopefully be as good as when we supported Boris Yeltsin, that was rad. We never wanted that night to end. And finally, where do you hope to see the band in 3 years time, in terms of doing new projects (e.g side projects) and any other personal aspirations you each have in life? In 3 years we'd all like to be on solo album number 2 with big beards and bellies. Mine will no doubt be a space rock epic. Tom will collaborate with Paul Simon on a Broadway musical of Jurassic Park. I think John's quite excited about his bass odyssey. Be sure to checkout more form Stagecoach by visiting their official MySpace here!!!