Back in 2002 Nickelback tried to play at Portuguese festival Ilha do Ermal (emphasis on "tried"), but were persuaded to leave due to the amount of stones thrown at them during their opening songs. Now it's time for Britain to play its part.

"Don't Let Nickel Back" was created by London resident Craig Mandell and its goal - you guessed - is to keep Chad Kroeger's band away from the city. You can contribute with as little as $1 (that ensures that Mandell sends an email to Nickelback's management), but you can also be more generous and give $5 (for a "slightly more forceful email"), or even $50 (which results in "an email to Nickleback with an attached mp3 of Nickelback’s music. This way, the band will hear their own music, and likely retire immediately, thereby ensuring the success of our campaign").

Although Nickelback have no concerts scheduled for the UK at the moment, Craig Mandell says the campaign's goal is "keeping it that way." You can check the campaign's page here.