We're only six days into 2015, but I'm already faced with a pretty tough conundrum: 19 return trips to Copenhagen, or the new Sony Walkman?

You'd assume the former, but just take a look at this sexy paragraph:

"The NW-ZX2 is an exercise in quality. Enjoy High-Resolution Audio to its fullest, optimised through S-Master™ HX technology. Even compressed audio files are upscaled closer to High-Resolution Audio with DSEE HX™ for a rich studio sound. And with over 33 hours’ playback, you can keep the music coming anywhere you go."

Everybody knows that the best kind of exercise is an exercise in quality. That's Common Sense for Dummies.

"Music as the artist intended" will cost you £949, but you'll have to wait until Spring to pick one up. For more information, head over to Sony's Official Website.