Recently announcing their new album, La Di Da Di, Battles have now formally dropped a new song taken from it. Although we heard 'The Yabba' just over a week ago via a looping live stream of four new tracks, it's surfaced today as the first proper single to be taken from the forthcoming album.

In true Battles style, 'The Yabba' stomps along in a progressive and frenzied realm of rhythmic repetition, intricacies and distorted swipes of guitar weaving alongside unrelenting bleeperies of synth, founded on a raw, heart-pounding bedrock of dynamic, ever-nuanced drum work, all of it rifling towards an explosive ending. And the artwork for the single continues in the same vein of foodular abstraction – featuring hunk of spaghetti con ragu atop a lengthy, mustard-laced hot dog, plus a couple of dabs of sauce/dip – that began with the Dali-esque cover for La Di Da Di.

The album's out on 25th September – pre-order here.