Nothing makes us as happy as discovering that out idols are as geeky (or more) than us. That's exactly what happened when some Reddit users found out that the recent reissue of Radiohead's seminal 1997 album OK Computer, OKNOTOK, contained a hidden computer program designed to run on a ZX Spectrum - a vintage machine originally released in the early '80s.

The code, which is embedded within the audio itself, was then run on a Spectrum emulator by a Reddit user. It contains the message: "Inside your home computer are… Thomas Yorke, Colin Greenwood, Jonathan Greenwood, Edward O’Brien, Philip Selway, Nigel Godrich, & Stanley Donwood. 19th December 1996. scroll?," after which it just bleeps a lot while showing loads of bright colours. The user who uploaded the video to YouTube (which you can watch below) so all fans could see the code says it also contains a secret message, written in black on a black background: "!congratulations….you’ve found the secret message syd lives hmmmm. We should get out more." If they're talking about Barrett, they definitely should.