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Photos Courtesy of Ross Ferguson, Check out Ross' Flickr!
The newly refurbished Lexington is lush! Pleased as we are with the decor though, it’s certainly not what we've come to see; tonight very much belongs to These Monsters. On first by way of support is skinny jean clad Portsmouth outfit Munroe Effect eager to get cracking. Tight, heavy, and melodic, they're a fitting ease-in to the night and despite a still sparse crowd they perform admirably. Visually curious on the strength of frontman Dan’s unique form of bendy-legged, manically gyrating on-stage dancing, aurally engaging due to some crushing, melodic drops, Munroe Effect sound like a well rehearsed but relatively newly formed band, still growing into their sound. It would be disingenuous to suggest their set was flawed in terms of execution (heads were certainly nodding), but as of yet their influences don’t seem to have borne unique fruit. Check 'em out for damn sure if you can though for a fine dose of melodic hardcore ala a less-sprawling Mahumodo. Shield Your Eyes, having taken to the stage, wasted absolutely no time in spazz-rocking the fuck out. Guitarist/vocalist Stef seemed oblivious to the fact his guitars strings were (seemingly) all sorts of out of tune, and was even less fazed when one snapped mid song. If anything, he thrived on it, his frenetic, dissonant, madly compelling riffs falling as in-line with the thrumming bass and wild, whirlwind beats as anything that mental can be accurately said to. Tortured screams, shouts, and moans were welcomed with awe if anything, as was the astounding drum solo in the latter stages of the set. Shield Your Eyes are one of those bands that can be quite aptly described live as ‘ridiculous’; a frantic bout of irreverent noise, rhythm, kinetic energy that works by dint of its sheer audaciousness. Many would find this music indigestible; those in attendance most likely thought it unmissable. These Monsters, when not swigging from a bottle of red wine, hips actually thrusting at times, downing cans of stella or (drunkenly?!) mumbling ‘thanks you bastards’ after hearty applause, fucking killed it. Favourites from debut album ‘Call Me Dragon’ as well as whiffs of newer material were performed with a heartening disregard for soulless precision in favour of cock-rock power stances, psychedelic aggression and passionate rock outs. these monsters Having put them on some months before we knew vaguely what to expect and yet were still pleasantly surprised. Old-skool without resorting to tired prog/psych rock cliches, consistently heavy but weaving the assault around intelligent dynamics, their performance as a whole (and more so their debut album) walks a satisfyingly fine line and comes highly recommended. These Monsters, their sax/synth additions to a heavy, scuzzy, semi-stoner approach to rocking out, certainly rounded off the evening in extravagant (if not sober) style. these sg